Friday, May 4, 2012

Bad Form, priest. Bad Form

So an Australian Roman Catholic Priest has revealed a secret.
He is married.
He has been secretly living a double life--for a while.

Yep. I have a glass house.
And, yep. I am going to toss a stone.

Not that he got married--though there is something I would question as to why he waited so long to finally commit-not very fair to the woman or the church.
But that's not my stone.

CNN reported that the majority of parishioners and whoever else they could get to share an opinion had decided that priests should be permitted to marry.
Thanks for that authoritative and well-researched insight CNN.
But that's not my stone.

The priest piled it on.
***warning this is the stone***
He needed to divert the pressure.
He needed a spin.
So he played the celibacy/pedophilia/i'm a healthy priest card.
Oh, and there is one more point--he's going to write a book exposing all the problems of the church and all the double lives that the majority of the priests are living.

Why not just go be with your wife?  Do you really need to justify your choice by hiding behind the sins of others?

Bad form priest, bad form.