Saturday, April 2, 2011

Flash Love

Last evening I watched the premier of a new show entitled; "Mobbed"
I have to share that I was a little choked up by the whole thing  (of course I didn't cry like my wife).

After all, it was nothing more than a televised marriage proposal.
But it involved:  hundreds of people, dancers, waiters, a marching band, music, friends, family, and (just in case she actually said 'yes') a bridal party and a minister from the state of California.

As a spectator I wanted to witness the surprise and joy and roller coaster of emotion.
I wanted the music and the dancing to be pure celebration.
I wanted the camera to stay on her and her fiancee.

Because it's just really neat to witness love and (hopefully) life long commitment.
People want to be taken into that moment, that point of life and love and truth and possibility.

Okay, that's nice--but let's go deeper.
In my 'old' days of priesting whenever I preached a wedding homily I often times asked the question, "Do you ever notice how couples begin to look like each other as the years go by?" 
(I understand the same could be said for dog owners and their pets)
My point being--the likeness that is shared is love.
The same is true with Christ, who is each soul's Bridegroom.
Lent is a good time to look in the mirror and see if you are looking any more like Christ.

It's nice to watch a show when love is happy and easy and exciting and full of surprises and marching bands.
You could sit and watch it forever.

But what of love that involves a cross?  People don't stick around for that.  Who was at the cross of Christ?  Mary the Mother of God, John, Mary of Clopas and Mary Magdala. (Gospel according to John)
Christ Crucified outdoor devotional St. James Medugorje
When the fullness of the way of love begins to reveal itself people shy away because it involves passion and suffering.  Even the possibility of resurrection seems remote when in the throws of suffering. 
Back to those couples who look alike--they probably resemble one another because they've shared in some suffering.

Yeh.  Mobbed was a neat show if for anything it had me thinking about love.