Monday, April 25, 2011

In the end...

A few years ago..when I was an Episcopal Priest my Bishop was the Right Reverend Robert Rowley (RIP 2010)  Together we shared not only the same Roman roots but Benedictine since we both attended St. Vincent's in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

The story goes that while I was learning all things Anglican I often times would confuse not only some of the words in the Eucharistic Prayers but also which Bishop I was supposed to be mentioning by name during the prayers of the people.  During one liturgy, with the Bishop present, I replaced 'Robert' with the name 'William'.  When I returned to my chair in the sanctuary--He leaned over to me and asked; "Did you just replace me with a dead Roman Catholic Bishop?"
"Why, yes I suppose I did. My apologies Bishop."
There was a moment of silence and he leaned over once more; "You know...he was once my Bishop too!"

I've been thinking of him during the past Triduum--especially when, in Matthew's Gospel account the angel rolled the stone away and 'sat on it.'

Bishop Rowley used to say;  "In the end, Jesus always wins."

On another note and in keeping with title of this blog PRAYLIUM
Here is a battle being waged--I am sure this will upset some readers--check it out it is worth it--

Harry Potter???

In the end...Jesus always wins.