Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holy Saturday

It is Holy Saturday here in Pennsylvania--the middle of the Triduum.  I would care to take a break from sharing some of the hard truths and challenges of this blog and offer a glimpse into some personal past.

I like to fly kites--especially during the Triduum. It started years ago during my first year of priesthood.  I was on my way back to the parish following the renewal of my priestly promises at that morning's Holy Chrism Mass at the Cathedral.  I remember my bishop addressing the clergy following the Mass.  He was torqued about a guy who left the priesthood and was talking smack on us.  It was a great experience for a newly ordained.

Anyways, I stopped at Wal-Mart and bought a kite.
That afternoon I trudged into the barren field behind the rectory and the 1.99 event was launched.
It never came down until after my last Mass on Easter Sunday.
It became known as the Triduum Kite.

When I first left the priesthood and moved away--some kids from the youth ministry secretly left a kite on my wife and I's doorstep, rang the bell and left.

So today my lovely wife asked if it was windy enough to fly a kite.
I'm interested, but now I fear my son may be too 'old' for such a silly event.  Maybe I can talk my brother into it--two old farts tripping and running with string.

I love Easter.
--cause I know the rest of the story.

Imagine the disciples who didn't have the pieces we do.  Imagine.
Imagine Mary--who did know--but what of her sorrow?
Imagine those who witnessed his passion and death--and the darkness and the earth moving.
Imagine satan's surprise and hate when Christ showed up conquered death.

Yeh...things to think about as we take breaks during the Triduum and prepare for the Eternal Light to shine.

God Bless you and go fly a kite.

Hours later.......

So the kite flying...
The photos say it all.

Following the fish kite getting stuck in a tree, we grabbed an additional Justice League kite and moved to a nearby swamp. 
My kite suffered considerable structural damage, entanglement, and a cut string due to my brother's numerous attacks from his gecko kite.
I found two more trees and eventually with the help of my lovely wife and four dogs--lost the end of the string.  As I chased it---well the photo below shows the result.
The kite found it's forth tree--at which point my brother,(or as my son referred to him, 'the kite whisperer') walked over, picked up the end of the string--and, as if on cue, the wind picked the kite out of the trees.

Yeh playing in God's Creation and thankful for our Salvation.

By the keeping things light.... 
I've added another link to the sidebar.  It is a special link because it comes from some graduates of a youth ministry program that I was part of.  They are solid kids who have a ton to offer the world and our Church.  I ask that you say a decade of the rosary for them and their intentions.....God has plans for them.