Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ping Time

  • Pastor questions very existence of Hell--Time Magazine current issue
  • Timely release of pop star's crap song about Judas
Why wouldn't marketing fire a big gun this time of year? 

Yep, days away from the Triduum and we have a million copies of a magazine promoting a book that questions the very existence of Hell. But this time it isn't some agnostic approach--it's Christian.

Here's an idea--Instead of spending time with Jesus on Holy Thursday night, why 
not hook up the ipod listen to a song about loving Judas and read a book about how you can be Christian and deny hell?  

Satan keeps pinging. 
It's simple.  Time the release of dark crap and get the people to focus on something else that will eventually leave them wanting more of nothing.

From the beginning of time Satan has succeeded in convincing people he doesn't exist and that we are on par with God.
There is no evil.
There are no consequences for anything.
Do what you want.
You are the only one who matters.

(By the way someone ought to have told Jesus this before he went into the garden that night some 2000 years ago).

Have a Holy Triduum everyone.