Thursday, April 28, 2011


In a couple of weeks we will be leaving for pilgrimage to Medugorje.  My wife has been organizing and leading such pilgrimages for the past few years.

Now, if you would have told me ten years ago that not only would we be going to such a place but that we would return again and again--I would have laughed at you and promptly labeled you a wacko.
Years back when I was a Roman Catholic deacon--the assistant priest at the parish gave me a book entitled Medugorje, by Wayne Weible.  I thought he was playing a joke on me.  After all, I was the soon to be ordained "new-breed-of-open-minded-progressive-priest"--so I threw it away.

Many years later, my wife brought the book into our 'Episcopal home'
And the rest is a story soon to be published--(with an ironic twist of who is instrumental in bringing it to print)

Here are some pilgrimage correlations that I believe are applicable to the spiritual quest.
1.  Ultimately God calls you and wants you.
2. satan hates it....satan doesn't want you, what he wants is to keep you from God--it's all about pride remember?
3. The Mother of God wants you to be with her Son.
4. Again, satan hates it....satan doesn't want you, what he wants is to keep you from God.
5.  God's greatest work was you, the creation of your soul.
6. satan's work is not creative--in the end it is destructive and he will use any means to that end--ergo the many pings throughout the day just to keep your heart and mind from praying and working for God.

There is a direct correlation between the soul's desire for union with God and satan's nonstop pinging.

My wife could enumerate countless 'events' that accompany pilgrimage planning--Years back all the deposit money was lost in some overseas bank transaction,  plane reservations have vanished,  phone calls dropped, computers crashing--all surrounding pilgrimages.  How about this one---an unseasonable snow fall on the morning we needed to make the first connection--then in the midst of the drive finding out that the back doors of the van were open with all the luggage exposed to snow, slush, and falling out---funny luggage was lost--weird?  Pings.
My wife also has a prayer that she shares with those on pilgrimage reminding everyone that they are a pilgrim and not a tourist.  It is a remarkable prayer that is applicable to the spiritual quest--i'll have to find it for you.

Pieta--Michelangelo   St. Peter's Basilica Vatican City
If we approach the spiritual journey as a pilgrim and not some entitled tourist then we begin to live with virtue and the greatest model of a spiritual pilgrim is the Mother of God.

Oh, and by the way--satan hates virtuous living.

Be a pilgrim.