Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jesus and Religion

By now you may have come across the internet video of a young man waxing poetically about Jesus and religion.  In his opinion the two don't mix and over 2000 years of history and tradition have been wrong.  The backdrop is some brick institutional-church-looking building.
I think he was going for a 'Luther nailing the theses on the doors of Wittenburg' look.

Freedom, grace, no responsibility, all humanity's living of Christianity has been wrong.  It comes across as "I have this 'new' insight and kernel of almost gnostic wisdom--and I am going to rap it to you."

I'm not too sure, but I think when he says he doesn't like religion that he is talking about Christian religions simply because of the association of Jesus in his rap.  I guess he's okay with non christian denominations.  After all the goal is obviously not to rattle their world.

He's using Jesus not as the center of his relationship but as an excuse to not enter into the everyday responsibilities of living in community. 
Here is what he is really saying:
I love Jesus not religion.
If religion was of God then we wouldn't have wars and the awful abuses in the name of religion
War and awful abuses are evil
Therefore God would be evil.
Follow my way instead--I have no religion.
Therefore I am god.....

For a pretty solid take on this check out Fr. Robert Barron