Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sometimes It's The Little Stuff

St. Thérese had the 'little way'
But this is far from that.

Today I spent one hour--fighting a computer scanner.  I didn't want to bother my son who was busy doing his school work.  After all I was once able to program a vcr (remember those)  I even knew how to switch tracks on an 8 track.

I used the scanner plenty of times.  I knew it was a no brainer.
But it wouldn't work.  Between error messages and not wanting to 'communicate' or even scan--the whole process was frustrating.

I needed to get some copyright info out to the publisher concerning scripture quotes used in the book.
Finally, a scan made it through over to my son's computer and was self titled--SCAN 6--
"Okay, just send it to me Buddy."
He emailed it.
Of course it never went.

Its the little stuff, frustrating and playing on impatience--wanting us to cave or explode or whatever reaction would correlate with your personality.

One time, years ago, my wife had wired money for a pilgrimage oversees---it was lost in some holding bank for one month.  (Since then business is now conducted differently.)
Then there was the time we had a pilgrimage group--On our way to the airport--first an unseasonal snowfall, then, on the interstate the back doors to the shuttle 'unexpectedly' opened (though none of the luggage flew out).
hmmm again.

So we keep praying.
Use the frustrations of the 'little stuff' to our spiritual advantage.

By the way--I finally got the information sent.