Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Need Help? Just Text

So my wife, son, brother and I were at the Cleveland Browns--Pittsburgh Steelers football game this past Sunday.
It was supposed to be an away game for Pittsburgh--but in the Brown's stadium there were more terrible towels and black and gold than orange and brown.

This was my son's second professional football game.  One at Heinz Field and one in Cleveland.
At Heinz field I returned from standing in the refreshment line for a pretzel for my boy.  I think I missed one half quarter of football.  When I returned I missed not only a touchdown but some guy getting tasered.

This past Sunday we witnessed two fans get ejected from just our section.  One for flipping us off and another for some other apparent show of unsportsmanlike conduct.  In addition, we witnessed a near collision of angry drunk men (of course one was in orange and the other in black and gold).  And,
Just three seats to my right a young lady would yell whatever sexual obscenities her intelligence could provide--in response to any Pittsburgh cheer.

On our return drive we stopped at a MacDonald's--and, you got it...a drunk fan who couldn't stand or order or even count money stood next to me trying to be the 'friendly' drunk beginning and ending every sentence with God or Jesus Christ.

What's the deal?
What happened?
God sent his Son to save all this?
Why is there such anger unleashed at a stupid football game?  When did attending a sporting event become a license to be a vulgar jerk?

It's an epidemic.  How do I know?  Because at both games there is a permanent sign encouraging the fans to text the stadium security if they need assistance.

Go Steelers.