Sunday, January 22, 2012

Postcard from Georgia II

My family and I are wrapping up our visit to Georgia and New Hope Press Publishing.

The rule of St. Benedict (RB 53) shares that 'all guests are to be received as Christ'
Guess what?....Wayne and Judi Weible and everyone at New Hope Press and the people we met from the prayer group--- make 'great Benedictines' !!  Their hospitality was phenomenal.

We spent our time meeting, laughing, praying, eating southern meals, editing, relaxing, learning, and looking at potential book covers.
It truly was a blessing and a neat way to begin closing the chapter on a five year endeavor.
This evening we all attended Holy Mass at Our Lady of the Immaculate Heart

Our Lady of the Immaculate Heart
North Carolina
Here's a little side bar irony...
When we decided, years ago, to return to the Roman Catholic Church, we met with a Roman Catholic bishop.
To celebrate our 'confession' to the bishop I bought my wife a statue.
The only one the store had was  --Our Lady of the Immaculate Heart.