Monday, January 9, 2012

Liebster Awards

It appears that I was nominated as the recipient of a 'chain' blogger award.
I feel 'virtual'

The name of the award is the Liebster Award and there are three informal canons which clarify and direct its purpose.
1.  I thank the blogger who passed me this torch
2. I share five of my favorite blogs
3. Those blogs must have less than 200 followers

Thanks goes to Daniel over at Through Vocation.  Quite frankly when I was in seminary--such tools for evangelization were unheard of, not to mention such ecclesiological and theological expressions.  We come from different generations but it is interesting to hear of his thoughts, travels, and spiritual journey.  I pray he will make a holy priest someday.

So now for the blogs.  First please realize that I am a blog hermit.
Ergo--i travel very little in the blog world and my community is very small and even related.

1. Isaac-- author of  Praeceptorum Deus    and   Wendy--author of Thoughts of a Dr. Mrs. Catholic Mom
I don't need to explain why they are both together on this list.

2. Fr. Len--author of Journey Thoughts
He's a good priest, a good pastor, a great friend, and a great 'uncle' who recently took a fall in the garage--stop over and help the guy up--tell him I sent you.

3.  Richard--author of Linen on the Hedgerow
It has a bite and it's across the pond.  Had I read it as a newly ordained--my blood would have boiled (but hey I wanted EWTN off the air also).

That's really all I have at the moment that meet the criteria-- Like I said--i'm a blogger hermit.

I have others but they exceed the 200 follower limit.  They are listed on the sidebar.