Friday, January 13, 2012

Pathetic Part II

It appears that the previous post about the Bishop Zavala hit a nerve.  There are a few interesting comments.
I copy one here in order to address their question.  The reader addresses me as Melchizedek....good one.

"...this comment was supposed to go here and was for Melchizedek do you propose to address your points? If you just bring them to light without some way to admonish/allow the Holy Spirit to enter this bishops life, then it is nothing more than judgement.......right? "

My only 'point' was this:  The fact that these kids had an absent father wasn't because he was a bishop but because he didn't have the guts to make a commitment to being a dad.  The fact that he was a bishop simply gave him another life in which to hide--and that is what is pathetic.

You know deep down what he lived was wrong on so many levels. Shame on him for perpetuating a life that undermined the foundational standards of husbands, dads, priests, and bishops.
Yes I judge the act--but I am not judging the person.  Knowing that something is wrong does not equate me with judging that person's soul.
Nor will I get into setting up some sort of admonishment--not my area.
As to a 'way to allow the Holy Spirit'---well, I think that may have already occurred.  
A great light has been shone on this man's life.  One can only hope that the truth will now set him free.  
Here is what I think--
Pray for the kids, and the mother, and him.  Pray that somehow they don't leave the church.  And lastly, pray for his brothers who are probably very confused, hurt and angry.

So, you ask what my proposal is?
and while you're at it a day of fasting--for husbands, dads, priests, and bishops.
(seriously--this Friday 1/13)--you in?